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Exotic & Pocket Pet Services

Ensure your pet's health with regular veterinary check-ups and exams.

Exotic & Pocket Pet Services

Ensure your pet's health with regular veterinary check-ups and exams.

Here at Central Animal Hospital we are fully equipped to treat not only dogs, cats and conventional pets but also those who are less traditional such as non-venomous reptiles, rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs. Remember these pets still need regular check-ups and exams with their veterinarian to stay healthy all their lives. To schedule your next appointment or to learn more about our services for exotic pets, pocket pets, and small mammals, please call us at 250-376-7208.

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Exotic Pets

What is an exotic pet?

Technically speaking, all furry friends who are not traditionally domesticated animals are exotic pets. Domesticated animals include cats, dogs, sheep, horses and cows. Therefore, animals that fall outside of these categories can be considered exotic. Examples of exotic pets are lizards, turtles, snakes and more.

How can I tell if my exotic pet is sick?

It can be a bit more difficult to tell if an exotic pet is sick, compared with more traditional pets. For this reason, bringing them into the veterinary hospital for regular check-ups (at least once per year) is absolutely crucial. In general, some warning signs that you should watch out for are breathing problems, excess falling of fur or feathers and diarrhea.

What kind of exotic pet is the best to own?

It’s important you do a lot of research before deciding on which exotic pet to welcome into your family. They require a very specific diet and environmental set-ups depending on the species and breed. Although you may not need to take them out on walks, exotic pets are certainly not low-maintenance. We recommend you reach out to our team if you have any questions about exotic pets.

Pocket Pets

How can I take care of my pocket pet?

The exact steps you need to take to insure your small pet stays healthy will depend on their specific species and breed. Factors such as their diet, housing and socialization must be prioritized. For example, some pocket pets like sugar gliders, need to have structures in their home to climb on. Others like rabbits need to have surfaces or food to constantly chew on so their teeth stay in good form. As well, pets like guinea pigs prefer to have another furry companion with them – they do not like to be alone. Mice, for example, are nocturnal so they are more active at night than during the daytime. If you are unsure about the unique requirements of your pocket pet please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

What type of veterinary care do pocket pets need?

It is a common misconception that pocket pets are “lower maintenance” pets. The truth is they also need lifelong medical care from professionals like us. Wellness visits (annually, at the minimum), spays, neuters, vaccinations and parasite protection are just some of the treatments that pocket pets require.


Can rabbits be left alone?

Pet rabbits actually require a lot of attention. We recommend you do not leave them alone for longer than 24 hours at a time. They may also benefit from the company of another rabbit.

What do I need to know before owning a rabbit?

Pet parents are often surprised by how much care rabbits need. First of all, rabbits constantly chew on surfaces. This makes them quite destructive. We suggest keeping your rabbit to one section of your home to prevent damaging your belongings. They also need a lot of space; they should be able to stand on their hind legs and hop at least three times in all directions in their pen.

Do rabbits need to be neutered?

Yes. Even if your rabbit is solitary, or is with a rabbit of the same gender, we strongly suggest that they undergo these procedures. Did you know that rabbits who are not fixed can become very territorial and aggressive when they grow up? A simple surgery during their younger years can help prevent this.

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