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Vaccines for Puppies & Dogs

Shield your canine companion from diseases with a tailored vaccination plan.

Vaccines for Puppies & Dogs

Shield your canine companion from diseases with a tailored vaccination plan.

Hooray! You are now the proud new parent of a sweet puppy. This is such a precious time and we hope you enjoy every minute of it. Please do not forget to stay on top of your must-do tasks as an owner. Getting your puppy vaccinated should be at the top of your To Do List. Call us at 250-376-7208 so we can discuss the options that will be optimal for your puppy’s unique needs and situation.

When should I vaccinate my puppy?

Here at Central Animal Hospital, we suggest puppies get their first round of vaccines at 8-weeks-old. At that time, they should receive their core vaccines, which must be boosted at 12 weeks and again at 16 weeks. Your veterinarian will assess if your canine friend needs the vaccine against kennel cough at around 12 weeks. Then, the rabies vaccine (which is required by law) is usually administered at 16-weeks-old.

How do I know which vaccines my pet needs?

The thing to remember is that vaccines are given based on lifestyle. During a one-on-one consultation at the hospital, your veterinarian will be able to determine which vaccines your pet requires (in addition to the core vaccines that all pets need regardless of lifestyle.)

How often should I get my dog vaccinated?

Our team here at Central Animal Hospital strongly suggests that your dog comes in for a booster vaccine once a year. Your pet will also most likely receive a full wellness exam during these annual vaccinations, which is another important must-do in making sure they stay healthy in the long-term. Fewer visits may be needed as the years go on, depending on the specific vaccine. The rabies vaccines, for example, only need to be boosted once every three years after the first-year booster.

What type of vaccines can my dog get at your hospital?

Our team is able to administer the following vaccinations that protect against Distemper, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, Canine Hepatitis Virus, Lyme disease, Leptospirosis, Bordetella. Of course, we also provide the Rabies vaccine, which all dogs must get according to law.

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