pet xray

Ultrasound and X-ray Services for Pets

In veterinary medicine, ultrasounds and X-rays are non-invasive and low-cost ways to perform diagnostics on pets in need. Here at Central Animal Hospital, our in-house equipment allows us to provide you with same-day results. To learn more about the ultrasound, x-ray and other diagnostics offered by our team, kindly call us at 250-376-7208.


What are ultrasounds and X-rays?

Both X-rays and ultrasounds allow us to see inside your pet so we can analyse their internal organs, bones, muscles and ligaments. X-rays are best for looking at bones and other “hard” structures. Ultrasounds are used for assessing areas of the body that do not show up well on X-rays such as softer tissues (e.g. heart, liver, lungs) or organs in motion. For example, ultrasounds allow us to visualize the pumping of the heart muscle.

When would my pet need an x-ray?

Your veterinarian here at Central Animal Hospital may recommend an X-ray to help diagnose and treat conditions like arthritis, bone fractures or bone tumours.

When would my pet need an ultrasound?

Ultrasounds are typically used for getting small biopsies when analyzing a suspicious growth in your pet. They can also be of use for assessing abnormalities in your pet’s liver, bladder, prostate, stomach, intestines and other soft-tissue organs. Heart murmurs and chronic weight loss are example of health conditions where ultrasounds may be used during the treatment process.

How much do ultrasounds and X-rays cost for pets?

We ask that you please contact us and schedule a consultation so we can provide you with the most accurate cost estimate.