Microchipping for Pets

Microchipping for Pets

In the event of an accident where you lose track of your pet, microchipping is your best bet at the possibility of reunion. All it takes is one moment for your pet to get away from you and become lost. To learn more about our microchipping services, please call us at 250-376-7208. Is your pet not yet microchipped? We hope you consider the benefits of the procedure by browsing through the FAQs below.


What is pet microchipping?

When a pet is microchipped, they will have a permanent identification tag inserted just underneath their skin. The microchip contains important information about the pet (e.g. any health conditions they may have) and your personal contact information. This way, if your pet becomes lost, and subsequently found by an animal rescue team or another veterinary hospital, they can scan the microchip and be able to reach out to you.

Is microchipping safe for pets?

Yes. The microchips are very small – about 1 centimeter long – and are fully compatible with your pet’s body. It is also a virtually painless procedure – your pet will feel as if they are simply receiving just another vaccination shot.