Boarding Services for Pets

Here at Central Animal Hospital, we have boarding facilities for our patients. Whether they need to stay overnight for monitoring after a surgical procedure, or if you are going away on a trip and would like a place for them to stay, our doors are open for your furry family members. Please note, it’s always a good idea to book your pet’s stay as early as possible to ensure he or she gets a spot. We tend to fill up especially fast around the summer and holiday seasons. Call us at 250-376-7208 to book your spot today!


How can I prepare my dog/cat/pet for their boarding stay?

Like other kennels or boarding shelters, we have some requirements that help us keep our facilities safe, sanitary and free of any diseases. For example, we require that pets who stay with us are updated on all their vaccinations and are not currently diagnosed with any infectious conditions.

What do I need to bring for my pet’s stay at the kennel?

We recommend bringing items that will remind them of you and your home. Although your pet would already be familiar with our team, the experience of staying overnight in a new place away from you can be quite stressful for even the most well-adjusted pet. A blanket or a favourite toy can go a long way in comforting them.

How much does pet boarding cost at your hospital?

Generally speaking, our service rates will depend on the length of your pet’s stay and their size. Please do not hesitate to call us so you can receive an accurate estimate.